Welcome to the Online Challenging Behavior Series!

Explore hands-on methods that will teach toddlers the skills they need to express anger appropriately.

During this course, you will:

  • View Engaging Videos

    Enjoy engaging video learning segments with a visual Powerpoint presentation with Raelene Ostberg, Thriving Together Toddler Expert, on the webcam.

  • Share Your Insight

    Provide your insight as you reflect, apply, and practice the interesting concepts from the sessions to your care environment!

  • Gain Valuable Resources

    Access a compilation of ideas from our live sessions and, after completion, links to other valuable resources, videos, and tools you can use in your care setting!

Course Details

This informative, fun, and flexible learning opportunity is truly learning "as you wish"!  You decide - finish in less than two hours or take the course bit by bit any time between now and December 31, 2022!  This self-paced course is broken into easy learning segments in your Thinkific course player and it tracks your progress. You can jump on or off as is convenient for you!

During the course, you will view an edited version of the engaging live webinar featuring Raelene Ostberg on the webcam and answer a few questions as you apply the concepts to your care environment. 

  • Identify common triggers for toddler aggression and learn techniques to reduce toddler aggressive behaviors
  • Explore hands-on methods to teach toddlers the skills they need to express anger appropriately
  • Identify coaching tips for challenging toddler moments that will help toddlers cope with strong feelings
  • Gain methods that will reduce negative behaviors, increase calm and reduce stress for all in your care environment
  • Have fun learning during an engaging pre-recorded webinar with toddler expert Raelene Ostberg, Master Trainer and Founder of Thriving Together, LLC. Raelene spent over 15 years, working in toddler classrooms, gathering tips and tools that really work!  She shares those tools along with entertaining real-life stories to match.

Register today!  Simply complete the course by December 31, 2022 and gain your training certificate and, if needed, entry into Develop within one business day!

100% Approved!

*KCF Area II.C: Promoting Social and Emotional Development
*Qualifies for CDA Content Area III: Positive ways to support childrens' social and emotional development

Participants will receive a training certificate upon course completion and entry into Develop, if needed, within one business day.

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  • "Loads of information and ideas, so easy to complete at my own pace and time frame.  Thank you! It was wonderful...I'll be back!" Lisa S., Childcare Provider
  • "It is extremely convenient, easy to follow, in-depth and the instructor is super knowledgeable and fun to listen to!  Sam H., Childcare Provider


Participant Testimonials from the Live Webinar!

Loved it!

Carmalita A., Childcare Provider

"I loved this webinar and will be using the things I have learned in my day to day classroom experience. You made the information very easy to understand and are very engaging. I would love to take more of your classes!"

Great Information!

Dana M. Director

"That there's many positive and different strategies that can be very useful in work life!"

Easy to understand!

Jennifer S. Childcare Provider

"I really enjoyed this training. Raelene's energy and enthusiasm made it an enjoyable experience. I also liked how she explained things and the examples she gave to help understand certain things."

Worth the time!

Anna M., Childcare Provider

"This was amazing, useful, and worth the time."


Carrie W., Childcare Provider

"LOVED the class! Excellent ideas."

Your Educator

Early Childhood Specialist

Raelene Ostberg

Raelene Ostberg has dedicated her life to developing and delivering transformative, fun, and inspiring educational opportunities for early childhood educators and the trainers, coaches, and leaders who support them. She presents nationally to thousands of early childhood professionals each year. Participants love Raelene’s energy, enthusiasm, and real-life stories that bring proven strategies to life. Raelene is the Founder of Thriving Together, LLC, an organization dedicated to decreasing stress, enhancing joy, and bolstering the success of early childhood professionals in their critical work. Raelene is also an Achieve Master Trainer, Trainer Mentor, Licensed Parent Educator, Vlogger, and Coach. She obtained a B.A. in Theater and M.Ed. in Family Education from the University of Minnesota.


  • How long is a Course?

    This course is designed to qualify for two training hours and can be easily completed within that time. It includes approximately 1.25 hours of an edited pre-recorded video from an engaging live presentation by Raelene Ostberg, M.Ed. You watch short video segments, provide your insight or thoughts, and write a few short reflections as you apply the information to your early care environment. To gain training hours, Participants must fully complete all answers to the questions and spend a minimum of 90 minutes in the course.

  • My life is CRAZY! Do I really have time to take this online course?

    Absolutely! This entire course contains short video segments, breaking the content into smaller, more manageable lessons (short course, huge potential impact). You can squeeze in a lesson or two when you have time. Many students watch lessons on their tablet or smart phones while on the go. (Doctor's and therapists' waiting rooms are great for this!)

  • How long do I have to complete a course?

    You can complete the course any time between now and December 31, 2022. You can take the course in little bits or do it all at once, as it works for you!

  • Will I receive a certificate of completion?

    YES! Simply complete all course elements and push the “complete” button at the end, and you will have access to your course completion certificate right away. If you have a Develop Account in Minnesota, your attendance will also be entered into Develop within two business days.

  • Are these approved for Parent Aware and/or childcare licensing hours in Develop (Minnesota's early childhood training hours system)?

    Yes! All courses we offer have been approved by Develop/MNCPD in Minnesota and for Parent Aware.

  • Are there group rates for centers/groups of staff?

    YES! There are discounts for groups of five or more. Simply write us a note with the course titles and the number of participants, and we will design a proposal just for you!

  • What if the course doesn't work for me?

    We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within the first 7 days and you will get a full refund.

  • Are there any tech requirements for this on-demand course?

    Thinkific is continually making these classes more accessible for participants. Visit their website to learn about the latest requirements at https://support.thinkific.com/hc/en-us/articles/360030354954-System-Requirements-and-Supported-Browsers

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Topic

    • Welcome Video!

    • Welcome Survey

    • Course Content Handout: To Download and Print (Optional)

    • Presentation Video 2: Introduction to Topic

    • Individual Reflection

  • 2

    Why are Toddlers Aggressive?

    • Presentation Video 3: Lack of Skills

    • View Video: Executive Functions

    • Video Reflection

    • Presentation Video 4: Why Toddlers are Aggressive?

  • 3

    Preventing Toddler Aggression

    • Individual Reflection

    • Insight from Other Participants

    • Compilation: Prevention Techniques from Live Webinar

    • Presentation Video 5: Preventing Toddler Aggression through Teaching

    • Video Introduction

    • Video: "We Don't Bite"

    • Video Reflection

    • Book Nook Activity

    • Individual Reflection

    • Presentation Video 6: Strategies to Address Rising Tension

    • Individual Reflection

  • 4

    Four Top Tips to Address Toddler Aggression

    • Presentation Video 7: During Difficult Moment Tip #1: Use an Influence Approach

    • Presentation Video 8: Connect

    • Individual Reflection

    • Presentation Video 9: Label and Assist

    • Practice Session

    • Presentation Video 10: Why Not Distract or Remove the Child?

    • Video Reflection

  • 5


    • Presentation Video 11: Conclusion

    • Course Completion

    • Final Step in this Course.